The Tongan Superman

Yesterday we started our first Summer Learning Journey Taster and it was to make a super hero that shows that you representing  your country and what strengths it has.                                                                 



And he loves fruit and  junk food 


And his favourite pet is a dog . 


My super hero has the ability of speed and strength . 


MY SUPER HERO has the ability to fly and to be invisible 


And he also has a Tongan Mobio.   

My Holidays

During the holidays I went to Taranaki. I went with my Grandma and Grandpa to Taranaki. We drove six hours to get there. We stopped at a little village called PioPio. We had brunch there and then after that we got back on the road to New Plymouth. When we finally got there we wanted to explore because our Hotel was near a beautiful beach and there was also a Grand Buffet that had fabulous food with a relaxing hot pool.

The next day my older brother had a rugby game and his team’s name is North Harbour. It was super rainy that day. Then we got back to the Hotel. Finally it was our last day at our hotel. We packed all our stuff, then we took memorable photos on the beach and some other places. Then we set off back to Auckland. Our first stop was the store because I was starving. Finally when we got home we were so tired. Hopefully we can go explore some other places in New Zealand.

Matariki Stars

Last week we were learning about Matariki and it is a Maori and New Zealand celebration. It is a new year and there are lots of fireworks and lots of lights and it is a beautiful time. We had a holiday for the whole country but we were still on holiday. When we came back to school we made Matariki Stars which I enjoyed doing.