Matariki Stars

Last week we were learning about Matariki and it is a Maori and New Zealand celebration. It is a new year and there are lots of fireworks and lots of lights and it is a beautiful time. We had a holiday for the whole country but we were still on holiday. When we came back to school we made Matariki Stars which I enjoyed doing.


ANZAC Biscuits

 ANZAC Biscuits


In world war 1 women made the New Zealand and Australian soldiers Anzac 

Biscuits as a treat. They have got butter, flour, golden syrup in them. They are round 

like a pancake. I liked eating my biscuit  because it was crunchy and sweet.


175th St Patrick’s Jubilee

On Friday morning it was St Patrick’s Day and I had to wake up so early. I wanted to go back to sleep but I did not. I ran like I’ve never run before to get ready for school. And out the door we went to the mass. After mass Father took us outside for the time capsule  which was buried for 25 years. Daniel and Estherose dug it up but some of the photos were destroyed and ripped. 

After that we came back for morning tea and then we got ready for tabloids. My favourite game was paper, scissors,  rock with Mrs Deeney. We ate lunch and then I came back to Room 6 and we started to read about St Patrick and  learned  that he was born in Britain and he was taken to Ireland as a slave.

On Sunday I came to the Mass with my dad and my brothers. There were heaps of people there but we enjoyed the singing. After Mass we went to the hall and sang 3 songs for the guests. We also stayed for the delicious lunch and my best food was the chop suey . It was such a good celebration for St Patrick’s.