175th St Patrick’s Jubilee

On Friday morning it was St Patrick’s Day and I had to wake up so early. I wanted to go back to sleep but I did not. I ran like I’ve never run before to get ready for school. And out the door we went to the mass. After mass Father took us outside for the time capsule  which was buried for 25 years. Daniel and Estherose dug it up but some of the photos were destroyed and ripped. 

After that we came back for morning tea and then we got ready for tabloids. My favourite game was paper, scissors,  rock with Mrs Deeney. We ate lunch and then I came back to Room 6 and we started to read about St Patrick and  learned  that he was born in Britain and he was taken to Ireland as a slave.

On Sunday I came to the Mass with my dad and my brothers. There were heaps of people there but we enjoyed the singing. After Mass we went to the hall and sang 3 songs for the guests. We also stayed for the delicious lunch and my best food was the chop suey . It was such a good celebration for St Patrick’s.



Preparing for athletics day

After  morning  tea we  went  down  to  the field   and  we  met coach Bart. At first we had  to  run on our heels  and  toes.   Then  we   played this   game  called sheepdog and there were two dogs. One of them  was  Marii and the other  dog was  me Sione.  We  were the ones with the noodles  and we had to try to round them up and gently hit them with the noodle.

Meanwhile we did sprinting in my team of four. There was Marii,  Cosma and Theo. Marii was the first one to run. We had to run from the hedge all the way to the small stone wall. After I ran I felt very exhausted. After a few rounds we had two people running. I had to chase Marii and sadly I wasn’t able to get her but that is okay!

After we did the running we practiced our jumping skills. Before we started jumping we each had to get a foam animal. My foam animal was a pig and it was the color yellow. We had to lay down on the grass with our heads facing the small stone wall once we had laid down we had to put our foam animal on top of our heads on the grass.

Then coach Bart had to tell us to stand up then we looked down and coach Bart told us that how far the foam animal was is how tall we are. My foam animal was not that far but then it was easy to jump over. Coach Bart taught us to spread our legs apart a little bit and bend our knees a little bit and also jump like you’re jumping on a motorbike and reach like you’re reaching for something. On my first time I beat my height but I fell a little bit. The second time I beat my height but I also didn’t fall over. When we finished our second jump, we had to put our animal of where we where, when I did my third one, I didn’t exactly past my second one but I fell a little bit but I didn’t fall  over and  I  was happy and then  I   started  to get hot and sleepy. Then  it  finished  and we came back to our classroom.   It  was fun.

How to wrap a present

Introduction: When it is a special time for someone we can give a present.

Materials: cellotape, wrapping paper, scissors, present, ribbon.

Steps needed:

  1. Unwrap the paper.
  2. Present the present down
  3. Cut the wrapping paper
  4. Put the present down on the wrapping paper.
  5. Now fold the wrapping over the present.
  6. Then you tape it
  7. Fold up the two sides
  8. Tape it again two times

Conclusion: Now your present is done.




Learning Basketball skills

Every   Monday   we  have  Basketball sessions   at    the bottom  court  and  our  coach is Coach Tray. He is very good and has made me his main helper. I like that. I helped him hand out the balls and he passes the ball to me when he is showing the others what skills we are learning. Today we played three different games. I enjoyed the Bulldog game the best. I am looking forward to next Monday when we can play again.




Swimming Lessons

Last  term  we  went  to  swimming  lessons  at  CLM   pools.  We  had  to  gather our  togs, towels, goggles, masks and  jackets when we walked to the bus.

We  sang  on the  bus  over  and  over  and it  was  super fun and exciting.

At the pools I was with Roland, Cosma, Ion, Wycliffe, Tuakalau and Patrick  and all  of  us   learned how to float on our backs and then I liked kicking with the blue boards.  The  instructor  told  us  to  jump  off  from  the  edge and every   time  I  said “Manu”  and I jumped. I felt sad because I didn’t bring my togs on the last day.